Body Treatments


Mini Bella Body Massage              25 Minutes     Member: $55     Non-Member: $65
Perfect for the client in a hurry or for the client with specific needs. This Swedish Massage will target your upper body or lower body to release tight or chronically stressed areas.

Swedish Massage                         50 Minutes     Member: $80     Non-Member: $90
                                                        80 Minutes     Member: $115     Non-Member: $125
A Swedish Massage blended with soothing bodywork techniques specific to your needs to help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Couples Massage                         50 Minutes     Member: $160     Non-Member: $180
                                                        80 Minutes     Member: $230     Non-Member: $250
Share a Swedish Massage with your significant other or friend in an open room separated by pocket doors. Relax & unwind.

Hot Stone Massage                       50 Minutes     Member: $100     Non-Member: $110
                                                          80 Minutes     Member: $135     Non-Member: $145
Our most relaxing massage. Your mind & body will drift into a deeply relaxed state while warms shells are used to melt away muscle tension and stress. 

Deep Heat Therapy Massage       50 Minutes     Member: $95     Non-Member: $105
                                                          80 Minutes     Member: $130     Non-Member: $140
Prossage Heat Massage is specially formulated for deep tissue work, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. This unique blend of safflower seed oil, menthol, lanolin, and lavender oil delivers gentle heat to targeted area. The perfect massage to relieve pain resulting from soft tissue restrictions. 

Dynamic Cupping Massage          50 Minutes     Member: $100     Non-Member: $110
                                                          80 Minutes     Member: $135     Non-Member: $145
Cupping is a safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy alone.

Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy may be added to any massage for an additional $10.00.

Bella Vita Sugar Scrub            50 Minutes     Member: $115     Non-Member: $130
Our Eminence organic skincare sugar scrub gently exfoliates and smoothes way dryness to give your skin a beautiful and healthy glow.

Bella Vita Body Wrap                50 Minutes     Member: $130     Non-Member: $140
A deliciously hydrating treatment containing cocoa & macadamia nut oil moisturizes & enriches the skin, providing antioxidant & age-defying benefits.

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