Do I have to sign a contract?
No. The monthly dues are on a month to month basis. No contract is required unless there is a special promotion.

Can a Personal Trainer show me how to use a piece of equipment?
Yes. Just ask and they will be glad to assist you. If you don't see a Personal Trainer you can call the Front Desk and they will get someone to help you.

Can a family member or friend pickup or drop off my child.
No. The parent is the only person who can sign in and sign out their child.

Can I bring my Grandchildren to the Day Care facility?
No. Only the parent can check in children and they must remain on the property.

Why is a membership card required to check-in?
Scanning your card is faster than typing in your name. It helps us to be more efficient and gets you into the facility quicker.

Can I freeze my account?
Yes. Memberships may be put on Inactive Status for 2-12 months. A $10+tax pre-paid per month. Membership changes will take effect the 1st of the following month. There is no charge for Medical inactive with a physician's notice. Without a physician's notice, it is the minimum charge of $21.60. A physician's release is required before reactivating.

Can I change my membership from a Before 4 to a Standard membership?
Yes. There is a $29+tax change fee and if you are not a South Shore Harbour resident you must pay the difference in Enrollment fee ($200.00 + tax). All changes including billing take effect the 1st of the following month.

Can I bring my own Personal Trainer to the facility?
No. Personal trainers other than those employed by The Fitness Center is strictly prohibited.

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