Strength Training

TFC-Strength-Training The benefits of strength training are numerous:
  • Increase quality of life
  • Increase metabolism and energy
  • Maintain or increase muscle mass and bone density
  • Decrease risk of injury via improved balance, agility, strength, flexibility and structural integrity
  • Improve focus/memory, appetite and sleep
  • Optimize body composition and hormone function
  • Enhance sport performance
Full lines of equipment are: Free Motion, VR2 Cybex, Classic Cybex, Precore. The Free weight area is equipped with impact-absorbent flooring, with weightlifting bumper plates, and rubber covered dumbbells, with room for olympic and power style lifts. Multiple adjustable benches and racks are also available.

Besides conventional machines and free weights, we employ “odd” modes of resistance training such as sleds, kettlebells, ropes, tires and other equipment to make workouts fresh, challenging, and functional.
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  • Pickel Ball
  • Pilates